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Do You Need A Place To Purchase Secondhand Shirts For Men? 

May 18

Do you need a place to purchase secondhand shirts for men? The Whaley Center is the place! We are a thrift-store that specializes selling gently used clothes. There is bound to be something for you in our collection of shirts.

We carry a variety of brands and styles so that you can find the perfect shirt. We invite you to visit us and check out all we have to offer.

What is Thrift Store?

A thrift store sells gently used clothing and furniture.

The Whaley Center sells secondhand clothing. We stock a variety of brands and styles so that you can find the perfect shirt. We invite you to visit us and check out all we have to provide!

Why Shop in a Thrift Store

You can save money by shopping at thrift shops for clothing, furniture, and household goods.

The Whaley Center has the right shirt for you. We have a variety of styles and brands so that you can find the right shirt. You can find the perfect shirt for your casual or formal occasions, no matter what style you choose. Visit us today to discover what we offer.

How do you sell to a Thrift Store?

Did you know that you can return items to a thrift store by selling them? It's easy! We take gently used clothing, furniture and household items. You can bring your items to the store, and we will have a look. We'll make an offer if they fit our criteria.

How can we replenish our inventory?

There are several ways that we acquire new inventory. First, our regular customers often sell back to me on a consistent basis. This is a great method to make extra income and get rid of clutter in your home.

Second, donations are received from the community. These could be items that are no longer needed or wanted, or items that have been outgrown. Sometimes, we also purchase items from yard sales and thrift stores.

Why Shop at Whaley Center

There are many reasons you should shop at Whaley Center. First, our prices cannot be beat. We are certain you won't find any better deals anywhere else.

Additionally, shopping at Whaley Center means that you are supporting local businesses. We are proud and honored to be a part Long Beach's community.

Finally, shopping at the Whaley Center means that you're doing your bit to protect the environment. By purchasing secondhand products, you help reduce our carbon footprint.


Q: How often do inventory levels need to be replenished each month?

A: We try to replenish our inventory every day, but it is largely dependent on the availability and quality of secondhand shirts.

Q: Do your only sell shirts

A: Yes, we sell pants, skirts and dresses as well as shoes and accessories. However, our primary focus is on shirts.

Q: What kind of shirts do I sell?

A: We have a wide selection of shirts. We have something for every occasion, from casual tees to more formal button-downs.

Q: Do you sell clothing for children?

A: Yes. A whole section of our site is dedicated to children’s clothing.

Q: What is your store's opening hours?

A: Our store is open every day from Monday through Saturday, between 11 am and 5 pm. We are also open Sundays between 12pm and 4pm.


We'd like to conclude by saying The Whaley Center makes a great place for secondhand shirts. The Whaley Center has a large selection of shirts and other clothing items so you are sure to find something you like. The Whaley Center is the place to go if you are looking for a casual shirt or a dressy button down shirt.

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 Address4544 Yadkin Rd, Fayetteville, NC 28303, United States