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Growth Summit for Small-Medium scale businesses

Oct 18

It is an observed thing that small-medium scale businesses want to grow more and enhance their business activities at a high scale. But they do not have the proper means to do so. It was a difficult situation seeing that many of the SMBs wanted to become entrepreneurs and start their own business, some of them got their way and some faced the difficulty of inexperience and training issues.

What is Fishbowl?

To solve this problematic situation faced by SMBs, fishbowl has announced its most awaited inventory management and growth summit for small to medium organizations to be handled on September 28, 2021. Fishbowl is considered to be the top online manufacturing and desktop management based warehouse in Orem, Utah. in addition to this, it is well-known for providing correct and helpful solutions to the organizations that need assistance for managing and tracking their business’s inventory, 

Fishbowl’s Summit for SMBs:

It was stated by the CEO of Fishbowl John David King that the small and medium scale owners observed that there is a specific need of training these businessmen about the correct management methods of their business. He further also said that: 

“We hope that through this summit we can ultimately help these men and women learn, grow and scale their businesses.“ He also concluded that one needs to learn first in order to grow your business. Only then can you scale your organization in the most accurate and profitable way.

Speakers at the Fishbowl Summit:

It has been informed that there are many well-known speakers to be present at this Fishbowl summit of growth and inventory management for SMBs. The main speakers for the headlines include Shark Tank investor Daymond John, the founder as well as CEO of FUBU who will be leading the inventory management area of the summit. In addition to this Bobby Morrison, the CRO of Intuit and the VP of Partnerships Gavin Orleow are going to be there in the growth department with Navy SEAL John Choate along with the former of two-time MLB MVP Dale Murphy.

Other influential speakers that will be present at this summit include the following;

  • The Managing partner of Savory Fund, Andrew Smith.
  • The managing partner of Pelion Venture Partners, Blake Modersitzki.
  • Matt Frisbie, CMO of the Little Giant Ladder Systems.
  • VP of carrier partnerships at Shippo, Vince DeAngelis.
  • Joe Hansen, the CEO of Buy Box Experts.
  • Salsa Queen would be there who is the owner of Salsa Queen itself.
  • Brain Hayes would be there who is the CFO of NOW CFO.
  • Sophie D’Souza, VP of optimization at Spiralyze would also be at the summit of Fishbowl.

 In the end, we will conclude this article-based news by letting you all know that inventory management’s importance is keen for any business. It can lead to success as well as the shutdown of one’s business. Therefore,  Fishbowl is an amazing platform that only thrives for the benefit of its customers and clients. They make it simple and easier for small or medium-scale businesses to manage their inventory as those large organizations do.  

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