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Lovecoin Token Review - Is it the Next Bitcoin 2.0?

Sep 25

In the world today, many people view Cryptocurrencies as the future of currency due to their security and decentralized nature. New cryptocurrencies pop up from time to time either improving on another or exploring a different functionality. Lovecoin is a new cryptocurrency based upon Bitcoin and Binance Smart Chain blockchain technology. It aims at supporting charity and advancing the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency.

The value of any cryptocurrency is in its adoption. However, for most cryptocurrencies, people have to pay to acquire them. Lovecoin aims to solve this problem by giving away 40% of all LOVE tokens through airdrops to new users. Owing to the decentralized nature of cryptocurrency, it is always not profitable to run advertisements targeting new users. It solves this issue with a built-in referral program that pays its users up to 20,000 tokens for every successful referral.

Correspondingly, Lovecoin simplified the cryptocurrency mining process. Instead of buying expensive mining equipment, one just needs a normal computer or smartphone. Users can acquire new tokens by web browsing, watching videos, or other tasks specified in the Lovecoin Mining Bot on Telegram.

Unlike any other cryptocurrency, 10% of all new Lovecoin supply goes to user-voted philanthropic causes and charities. Lovecoin's philanthropic and charity initiatives focus on COVID relief programs, and programs to end world hunger.

Lovecoin is also a viable investment opportunity. Users start with free Lovecoin, and once they begin acquiring them, it becomes an easy exercise given that the crypto-currency trades at just a fraction of a penny. With Lovecoin’s consistency in growing its reach, new users can expect excellent returns in years to come. Consequently, its users can gain financial independence through the use of cryptocurrency while also advancing humanitarian causes.