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RuneScape Slayer Guide – Everything You Need to Know

Sep 27

If you're looking for a game that has endless things to do, look no further than RuneScape. The Slayer tasks are one such thing in this seemingly huge world of games and can prove rewarding (lots of OSRS gold) when completed well enough!

In this OSRS Slayer guide, you will learn all about Slayer and how you can make the most out of this RuneScape skill.

What Is Slayer In OSRS?

Slayer is a challenging yet satisfying skill in which you are assigned tasks by Slayer Masters to head out and kill certain creatures. You can then choose whether or not to take this task alone, but there's no shame if your friend comes with you too!

If you want to make things easier, the counter is a great way of seeing how many points you are earning. You can also see what task streak and the current one are in so that there's no confusion about where you're at with your Slayer tasks.

What Are RuneScape Slayer Masks and Monsters?

Nowadays, slayer monsters are the prime targets of many a player. These creatures have particular vulnerabilities that can only be exploited with enough experience and expertise- which is why they're so dangerous! One way in which you might gain an advantage over your opponents is by using Slayer Masks.

The masks can be purchased through the Shattered Worlds reward shop, from Vic the Trader or you can acquire them from the Treasure Hunter. With the use of masks, you can increase your skills as a slayer. You first get to force any task from whatever creature they are in that day with just one click- and then every three days after that.

If you kill a creature with the mask, then it will be counted. There is a number of kills dedicated for each Mask that one wears after which they become known as slayer helms and start having fewer bonuses but there's still time to shift back if preferred.

What Are RuneScape Slayer Points?

When a Slayer Master assigns you an assignment or challenge, the number of points that are given to complete this is dependent on who gave them. As one would expect from the conventional wisdom about higher risks being more rewarding- there is more risk and therefore greater payoff if successful in completing tasks assigned by these particular slayer masters.

64,000 Slayer points are the maximum amount of points that can be held at one time. However, there are ways in which you could gain higher amounts through completing tasks or exchanging Tuska Masks for 20 extra slayer points per mask.

There are two ways you can earn points. In addition to completing assigned Slayer Assignments and challenges, there's also a chance that an enemy will have special abilities which grant them up to eight slayer points if defeated successfully - all it takes is finding the right foe.